Monday, January 2, 2017

A look back on 2016

Kelley's Look Back on 2016

January 2, 2017

Once again, it's hard to believe another New Year has just set foot upon us. I wanted to take the time to sit down and let you all know how thankful I am for your support, prayers, and continued encouragement.

What a whirlwind 2016 has been. Our 2016 started quietly. We cheered in the New Year then by watching the Rockin' New Years show on T.V., much like we do every year. There were so many ups and downs that took place, making the final decision to leave my secure full time job with the State and basically take a huge gamble on Substitute Teaching. Who knew I would be where I am today, a year later almost. The work was slow. Other jobs would come and go, but my heart ultimately knew that subbing was where I needed to be, at that time. The Hubby was moving up the ladder at work, team leading, and enjoying his new placement. The kids, healthy, getting ready to move in grades, a fresh kindergartner emerging.

We had a summer to remember. Me and my girls. It was amazing and I would not ask for anything else. We played. We learned. We spent so much time together. It was truly a gift.

A new school year emerged, and boy what a shocker it held. A long-term sub job, in my daughters class, even! Great reports on both of our kids. Watching them grow through my eyes has been something that I wish for all Moms. It has left me with a loss for words. To be this Mom right now, the one that is able to be close to my kiddos, to be a part of their world, even if just a little, has been a humbling, awesome experience.

The amount of pride that I hold for my Hubby, well, it's unreal. He has allowed me to live in this world, to have this life, to experience this pure joy and bliss and forever I will be thankful for this man and his own sacrifices. He is a special soul and I know that I lack telling him just that in my own words. He has let me be the Mom that I need to be at this point and time and if he only knew that the way I see him through my eyes was beyond measure, that would be complete. He is a leader, his job he handles with ease and it's almost in-bedded in his soul for his duties. I know that he is where he was always meant to be, responsibility and all, and it is my hope that he will only continue to grow and excel at his work.

Moving on to our Fall, where the leaves began to change, the school bus was promptly at the end of the drive at 8:20 a.m. and the girls were eager to head to school to see their friends. We slowly shifted to December. It seemed like a blink of an eye. The sub jobs kept slowing rolling in, I had made my decision to expand my presence in the school district by reaching out for sub secretary eligibility, as well as working in the lunch room. I had a goal. I wanted to be a School Secretary.

Sometimes it is as simple as that with me. I make my decision. I follow some yellow brick road that only I can see. The problem always lies in the other yellow brick road that God has paved for my being. It's a constant struggle. Where I want to be and where I need to be.

So, with the upcoming New Year, a new path began to emerge. One that I need to follow, at least to see what is at the end. It is a familiar path. It is one that I am nervous, stressed out about, and scared to death to stay on, but it is one that I believe was presented to me for a reason. Those paths are the ones that are hard to pass on. I will be a Mother first. I will be a Wife first. That has been made clear. If things interfere with my family, then this path is not the one that I am meant for. But a chance is needed, a choice was made, and a soul was put in front of me to help me along the way.

Hats off to 2016. You held New Beginnings for my family. I found #thrive, which has made things clearer, made me feel so much better and honestly, made me more determined and focused. I thank #thrive for that. That is a true gift. It is amazing what vitamins my body must have been missing!  I have been working my Pink Zebra business more. I love sprinkles, so why not! I am determined to make something of both of  my businesses. I believe in both of the product lines and believe in helping others with a passion.

Onto 2017, I know you will be better than ever. To think, ten years ago, 2017 seemed impossible. Light years away. Time flies..when you are having fun, or so the saying goes!

I hope that your 2016 was chalked full of memories. I wish you all the best 2017 that you can muster!!!

With Love XOXO,

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